Sunday, 16 February 2014


As every single person should know, Valentine's Day has always been the dreaded, over-hyped, day of celebration of love and romance.

After failing to get tickets to a supperclub with a couple of my friends, I decided to do a rather unorthodox thing...

Who goes on a first date with an absolute stranger on Valentine's Day?
I do. Well, at least this would be a first.
It felt like just another average day anyway, with the addition of hordes of people rushing around with last minute bouquets of flowers and chocolates.
Being a bit of a 'veteran' in online dating... (god, that makes me sound old!). Okay, let's quote it as 'seasoned' (much better). 
 Let's run through the basics...

 Profession: Finance (decent job)
Age: 26 years old (a bit younger than my norm, but acceptable)
Height: 5ft 11" (>5ft 10" *tick*)
Sports: Surfing (good physique, maybe?)
Physical (based on photos): Decent number of photos, but none quite as clear as I would have preferred - average (hopefully looks better in person?)

 It's always a risk accepting date proposals online, and even riskier business going on a first date. On Valentine's Day.
This could either go REALLY well, or HORRIBLY wrong...
But that's okay, I had a back-up plan.

We agreed to meet outside Topshop on Oxford Street. I arrived earlier than expected, a tiny part of my brain recalculating the risks at hand whilst waiting for him to arrive.
10 minutes later than we had planned to meet (minuses points for punctuality - or I'll let it go this time as he was a London newbie)), T appeared standing near the entrance in his work suit, with an enormous golf umbrella in hand.
Less buff in person, and not quite the hot date I had in mind, but I thought I'd give him a chance - maybe his personality will overcome his lack of looks?

Our dinner reservation at Lima wasn't until 8PM (more details of my competition win here), so we seeked shelter from the rain at Opium Bar and stayed for a couple of cocktails.
6PM - a couple of hours to unwind, and enough to buy me time to decide on whether he would be a worthy date for the evening.

The topic of age was brought up, as despite studying his online profile, I always re-clarify in person - we were both 26. I love looking younger than my age (thanks to my Asian genes), but apparently in the past some guy thought that he was in his late 40's, and had burst out laughing, having been told his real age.
I failed to stifle a laugh, as admittedly in my mind, I would have made the same presumption.
T gasped in shock. Lack of discretion - oops. 
(discreetly glances at number of wrinkle lines on his forehead)

He had just recently moved to London, so my personal knowledge and experience in London became the highlights of our conversations. 
I am the kind of person that loves my technology - iPhone, iPad, camera, and all other bag essentials. 
T had in his hand a (Samsung?) mobile phone from the dark ages (okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration there), which was even incapable of taking photos. 
Hopefully with my brief influence, he will obtain a proper mobile contract soon.

Somewhere in between our conversation, T remembered that he had a small gift for me.
I 'aww-ed' a bit inside...before he revealed a shiny tin-foiled object in his hand - a miniscule piece of brownie that his flatmate had baked the night before.
I politely accepted it and carefully placed it in my bag - unsure if he deserved brownie points for that. Pardon the pun.

Conversation seemed to be flowing smoothly, so we proceeded onto Lima for dinner.

Being new to London, this was sort of a little introduction to the great restaurant experience in London for T.
I flashed my Sony NEX-5T camera from my handbag, as I do, and T was curious to have a go at it. 
I watched over cautiously as his inexperienced hands gripped and maneuvered the lens - the tension was relieved when it was back in my safe (and overly protective) hands.
T was very patient with me as I had pre-warned him about my habits of taking photos of my food. My fierce 'warning' look is enough to raise fear in those who dare to eat before I give my approval. 

Conversation continued on, as I explained about my (not-so) interesting life as a pharmacist, and was giving him a quick consultation and advice about the 'man flu' that he seemed to be coming down with. 

Food was impeccable, and service was attentive and professional throughout - we both really enjoyed the dishes that we had selected.
(Click here for full post on Lima)

Towards the end of the night, the couple that was sat opposite us got 'caught up' in a romantic moment, and started making out across the table.
I looked away out of politeness, but then burst out giggling when I saw T do the same.
In my mind I had decided that our night was definitely not going to end on a romantic note. 
When it was finally time to part at the station, we both courteously bid each other goodbye with a hug and casual brush of the cheeks.

Overall, it was a fun and relaxing date - probably because I had no expectations from the very beginning.

I love a worldly man who can excite me with knowledge and personal experiences - which in this situation, it seemed the other way round.
To be fair, the date didn't go as bad as you think - T was overall quite a gentleman, and he did share his enormous umbrella with me even when I did have my own...
T seemed like a genuinely nice guy, but just not the right one for me. 
So I guess for now, it's the single life for me.

At least I have my Grand Cru Duo from Le Patisserie Des RĂªves in the fridge to look forward to.

That brownie is still sat in my bag.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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