Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Thanks again to my unexpected stroke of luck, I managed to win brunch on the house at Jackson & Rye.
This was my second visit here since they opened last month, and it looked like it has become much busier since then.
We were sat in quite a dimly lit corner before I requested to be moved to a brighter table along the sofas which was also more spacious.

There was a moment of confusion with one of the waitresses when I was trying to explain to her about my 'Brunch on the House' booking - I would have expected it to have been noted on my reservation.
Instead she just blankly stared at me like I was talking gibberish, and didn't even bother to get me a manager or at least someone who could assist better...
Eventually I managed to wave for another waitress who thankfully understood what I was trying to explain... - PANIC OVER...or rather frustration.


| Hand Drip Coffee |

| Hot Chocolate |


| Slab Bacon | 

I had this on my last visit, which I did enjoy - very much prefer this thick cut version over the usual thin crisp slices of bacon.

| Shrimp & Grits |
- Hot shrimp, chilli, garlic, spring onion -

This was my first time trying grits - ground-corn food that is common in the Southern United States and mainly eaten at breakfast.
The prawns were fresh and succulent, and I did like the hint of chilli.


| Angler's |
- Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, country style potatoes, grilled toast - 

 | Crab Cakes |
- Blue Swimmer crab, apple slaw -

A variety of fish cake, which is another option that is popular in the United States - I really need to get myself on a plane there someday...
Nice crisp batter, and went well with the fresh flavours of the apple slaw.


| Blueberry Cobbler |
- Apple, vanilla custard - 

We were quite full so we ordered only ONE dessert to share. Shameful, I know...
It was quite a large portion though, with a lovely pot of warm vanilla custard.


The food overall wasn't too bad, although service was a bit hit and miss - certain members of staff should really try a bit harder to look more cheerful instead of wearing such sullen looking faces...
I would probably drop by again, possibly for the pancakes and more dessert - but definitely during a less busy period.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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