Sunday, 30 June 2013


Another day of good weather! Not one to be stuck at indoors on a sunny day, I headed out to Soho to try out Galeto, a Brazilian street food joint on Dean Street - solo trip this time, no food buddies available...
Located just a few doors down from a number of my favourite places a.k.a. Burger & Lobster, Ducksoup, it was (suspiciously) quiet (and empty) inside except for the table that was occupied outside...
Nevertheless, I wasn't looking for anything too heavy and took a chance, intrigued enough to try out the chicken.


The layout consisted of mismatched vintage furniture, and wall art from Brazilian graffiti artist Milo Tchais - a fun, quirky concept embracing the carnival mood maybe?

Ordered a glass of Argentian white wine (Torontes Santa Ana) to cool down.


For my main, I went for the 'signature' Galeto (Young Chicken) with the tropical fruit barbeque sauce - 1/2 chicken marinated in house for 24 hours, grilled and served with super fries.
Personally I found the description a bit deceiving...
I'm not sure if the '24 hours' made any difference, as it tasted rather blend and ordinary to me - it made me sort of miss Nando's (which I haven't been to since my University days...that sums up a lot doesn't it!?)
The 'super' fries were basically pale, unappealing, stringy french fries. Definitely an inappropriate use of the word super...kind of like the much overused word 'curvy' instead of the 'politically incorrect' word 'fat'...
(Apologies in advance to those who have taken offence!)
I was also offered a basket of various sauces - not that I needed them, except maybe for the ketchup to make my fries more palatable.


The sequence of my order was a bit backward as I only ordered the starter after I had finished my main course - just wanted to make sure I had enough room in my tummy. 
The Bolinhos de bacalhou (salted cod fish cakes) sounded tempting, which came served with a slice of lemon and sprinkles of coriander. They were thankfully not too salty, although nothing very exciting...just some plain deep-fried, mushed up cod. A dip may have helped maybe?
Didn't really bother with dessert as none of them sounded that appetizing. 

Going solo meant that my selection of dishes was limited by my appetite, but based on my little experience snippet, I won't be rushing back again anytime soon...
Or maybe just for the strawberry caipirinha, as there seems to be some good words about it. 
I guess it's pretty economical and okay for a quick bite.

The word 'street f00d' always makes me miss the awesome hawker food we have back in Malaysia. 

Anyway, still in the midst of drafting and organizing the photos from my Hard Rock Calling 2013 experience. 
Watch this space x

Brace yourselves for the start of another week people!

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