Sunday, 2 June 2013


Day trip to Toronto - woohoo!
We took a bus to Toronto and had the lovely Sarah as our tour guide for the day!

First stop was CN Tower. The entry fee was quite pricey so we just took some photos from outside - I'm pretty sure that it can't have been any better than the view form Skylon anyway.



 Hungry as always, we went to Spring Sushi - my happy place!
Once again made multiple orders of my favourite dishes.


Japanese buffet mmm...I just can't get enough of it!

We then went to get some bubbletea - Chatime Toronto, another one of my happy places!

Hear, hear

And then had a walk down Chinatown and the University of Toronto campus...


We had dinner at one of Harpreet's favourite Indian restaurant before heading back home on the bus. Goodbye civilization, and back to the countryside, teehee.

The next day, we drove to Kitchener to meet up with Shiv.

First stop was St Jacobs Farmers Market, where I had my first taste of THE awesome apple fritters from The Fritter Co... 
There was even a long queue for it, so it must be good!



Happy bunny

Maple syrup
Mountain of cherries!

For lunch, we rushed to devour our burgers at The Works as we were running short of time before our kayaking appointment!
But as you can see from the menu, they have a huge list of different options to choose from...
They also served water in quirky measuring jugs - I like.


Quirky concept

Shiv's poutine mmm...


We had a good time kayaking at Canoeing the Grand, renting individual kayaks for our 2.5hour adventure.
The last time I tried kayaking was probably during my national service days, which I don't think counted as it was only in a small lake. This time I actually kayaked along a proper river which was really fun, and the weather was much hotter than I expected - it was only in the shower that I noticed the tan lines on my legs!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures as I didn't want to risk dropping anything in the river, but it was a great experience.

As Harpreet had plans that evening, her super sweet mum brought me out for dinner and some shopping! And we ended the day with a naughty little treat of Ben & Jerry's.

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