Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Good morning London!
I WAS planning to be a bit more organized and update my posts whilst I was still in Canada...but I was just having too much fun. It has after all been years since I last met up with my BFF Harpreet, and I have finally fulfilled my promise of visiting her in Canada!

Anyway, turning back the clock to 18th May 2013!

I flew with Air Canada and arrived a bit earlier than scheduled - possibly a way of making up for the disgusting food that they served onboard the plane! The food served on Air Canada is the perfect example of BAD airplane food...

Had my first proper meal in Canada at Milestones (real food yay!)

First day was pretty chilled even though I was still pretty alive and active despite the time difference - so glad I don't suffer from jet lag, or at least not very often.

The next morning, we went for a walk near one of the falls.

For lunch, we went to celebrate Harpreet's belated 26th birthday at Spring Sushi - which has now become my official happy place! I LOVE Japanese buffets...
Each table had individual iPads for us to place our orders and everything came out freshly prepared from the kitchen - someone please bring Spring Sushi to London! 

And then we headed on to the bowling alley!

Post-bowling photos...

Later on at home, we had a fun time playing Telestrations - a new board game that Harpreet bought.
It's a sketch, pass and guess game - kind of like the telephone game, but more fun! Especially when you have people like Harpreet's dad playing it! 
You'd have to play it for yourself to find out how awesome it really is - just remember to include some players with 'special' drawing and guessing abilities ha x

As the next post is going to be quite picture-heavy, I'll be posting it separately - watch this space x

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