Sunday, 31 March 2013


On Saturday, me and Lili met up for out usual girls day out - kick-starting the day with some caffeine at Fernandez & Wells. Another quirky independent coffee shop that I've wanted to try - we managed to grab some seats on the low bench at the back.
We both ordered the affogato, which was a bit stronger and bitter than I was expecting. It came with a small dollop of hazelnut ice cream, but even that wasn't sweet enough to overpower the coffee.
There was a nice array of sandwiches and snacks on the counter, but we didn't want to spoil our appetite for lunch.



After that,  we headed to Covent Garden to check out the Easter Egg hunt - bought a book for £3 and started hunting down the eggs. Most of them were in clusters which was easy to find, but then some were a bit trickier, as we had to look into shop windows for the sneaky eggs! Not to mention that we had to endure the freezing cold and temperamental weather that just couldn't decide if it wanted to snow or shine!












We had a late lunch in between - tried out Abeno, a specialist 'Okonomi-yaki' restaurant. We ordered two deluxe size okonomi-yaki (forgotten the names, but one had seafood and the other had some bacon in it!) to share and a small octopus starter which was from the seasonal menu.
There was a bit of a wait for our okonomi-yaki to be prepared, but when it was ready, it tasted delicious! 




We then did some shopping about town and did a bit more hunting for Easter eggs, but with not much luck...based on my (probably inaccurate) calculations...I think we may have missed about 8!
I think the little kids were more skillful than us as it! Should have bribed them with some chocolates...

Had Indian for dinner - Delhi Brasserie it was called, I think, and that was us done for the day!

So I'm a bit behind on my Sunday's will be up tomorrow (hopefully!)

Watch this space x

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  1. the eggs are so interesting! love the one with the cutouts popping out!