Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Sunday, as we had predicted was a really wet, rainy day. Being an early riser, I was once again the one to interrupt Stacey's beauty sleep.
We went downstairs to have breakfast – not quite too impressed with the limited array of food, but it didn't really matter because I was just hungry (as I always am in the mornings!). I don't know how people go skipping breakfast...

Armed with my bright pink umbrella, we headed out to find our way to Burano. Unable to find a direct route there, we had to stop over at Murano (famous for its glass making) and jump on another vaporetto to Burano. 



Burano was a pretty dead town, or rather was hard to tell if there was even anyone living in the buildings. But the buildings were really pretty and colourful.







Leaning tower

It was still pouring down with rain so we stopped by a small restaurant for lunch. We ordered the escalope and mushroom, and a seafood tagliatelle to share between us. 

I ordered a hot chocolate, but I kind of lost my appetite after watching the woman make it rather unprofessionally in an old-looking plastic measuring jug... It also had a really thick, nauseating texture to it...then again, it might have been psychologically-related...

After lunch we went for a little wander round and snapped a few more pictures before making our way back to Venice. Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it's generally always that quiet, but at least now I can say that I have been to Burano and Murano, if anyone asks!

We went back to the hotel for a little while to do some research on places to eat that night. Once again, we decided to try out some local baccaris/osterias in the area. 
We tried out Osteria Al Pugni and Osteria Al Squero.

And to finish off, I once again indulged in some yummy gelato from GROM – best.gelato.ever.

Overall it was a relaxing day as we had done quite a lot the previous day. 
Luckily we took our gondola ride the day before it started raining. Some things to note though...

1. Gondola rides are not as romantic as it seems...
2.  Gondola rides are rather chilly...especially in winter!
3. The punter does not serenade romantic Italian songs to you...

So, that's Day 2 done – Day 3 coming up soon x

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