Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Monday's post!
...because I dozed off to sleep...

Today I met up with Sarah who was down in London with her family. We had lunch at Bella Italia, which I haven't been to in ages. We went to the one at Leicester Square.
I ordered the Marco Polo pasta - tube pasta served with shredded duck, mushrooms and plum sauce. It was quite tasty until I got halfway through the dish and the sauce started to become quite sickening...
Service was really slow, from taking orders until requesting for the bill. Looks like a poor review coming up on Tripadvisor...

The National Gallery had a long queue outside so we decided to visit the Imperial War Museum on Lambeth Road.

Entrance is free and is definitely worth a visit. I've never been good in world history so this was a really educational visit for me. We spent about a couple of hours there and only managed to cover a few of the galleries - I did find the Holocaust exhibition to be really good, which told the story of the Nazi's persecution of Europe's Jews and other groups from 1933 to 1945.

We managed to grab some last minute tickets for We Will Rock You at The Dominion Theatre! - 40 pounds for stall seats which wasn't too bad.
11th year running at The Dominion Theatre, good show so go grab some last minute tickets sometime.

An excellent performance by all cast members, a good mixture of creativity and humour - I think we all enjoyed the playful banter between Galileo and Scaramouche. And not forgetting Khashoggi who was equally as entertaining.
I found it really easy to relate to the songs (I'm an 80's child, yeah baby!)
My favourite part must be the Galileo singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the end.  

Another musical ticked off my 'to'watch' list, yay x


Sunday, 29 July 2012


After almost 2 months since my brother's wedding, the photos are finally ready!
Unfortunately haven't got many close-up shots of my outfits as I had hoped for - obviously because I was not the one getting married on this occasion ha!
So had to select some group photos...

First outfit for wedding dinner at Concorde Hotel, Kuala Lumpur:
Michael Kors black dress, clutch bag, tie-dye heels and bangle - all 3 from ALDO

Outfit for wedding dinner in Kuala Lumpur

Big brother & little sister

Second outfit for church wedding reception at Wesley Methodist Church, Penang:
Dress from MANGO, nude shoes BCBG Max Azria

Not quite pleased with the dress as it kept creasing after I sat down, poor quality but pretty colour nonetheless.

Family photo at home

New extended family
And my third and final outfit for the wedding dinner at Traders Hotel, Penang:
French Connection silk dress, Zara strappy heels (unfortunately covered by my dress!), accessories from Forever 21

It was my first time being an MC (Mistress  of ceremony) at an event! Thank god I had my more experienced cousin brother as my partner in crime...

Master & Mistress of Ceremony

And as tradition goes, the single girls lined up for the wedding bouquet throw. 
My cousin rejoicing on her victorious catch! 
Guess I'm not next to get married anytime soon ha!

Cousin bonding time x

We're next! Haha

It was a bit of a task getting my outfits together before the wedding - probably took up most of the space in my luggage bag! But it was worth it, it's not everyday that I get to dress up!

More friend's weddings to attend, time for the shopaholic in me to start keeping an eye out for outfits!

Happy days x

Okay, time to go ogle at some awesome swimmer bodies on TV.
Go Team GB!


After having to endure a Friday night at work whilst everyone was busy watching the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, my weekend was finally here. 
I did have my little Iphone with me to stream from BBC as work was so quiet - don't you just love technology.

Absolutely LOVED Rowan Atkinson!

Quick snap of work outfit from Friday x

Visited Ely Cathedral on Saturday...
Got my annual pass, might as well make use of it again in future.


After a day out in the sun, had a nice homemade Thai green curry with rice by Mr Chef ;)

And English breakfast the morning after :)

Mystery hands at work again ;)

Yummy x

The train back home was packed - had to stand in throughout the journey cramped in a corner. Only good thing was they were giving free ice lollies on the train platforms when alighting the train.

I've FINALLY received the CDs for the photos from my brother's wedding after waiting for almost 2 months! So I'll have another short post soon on that x

Synchronized diving is live on TV now, and it's getting rather painful watching the Malaysian team falling drastically behind the other countries! Oh dear...and who designed those hideous swimsuits?!
Come on Malaysia!

Anyway, new post coming soon, don't forget to subscribe/follow x

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Today I introduced my lovely work colleague, Kerry, to some Malaysian food! 
It was a toss between Rasa Sayang and C&R - decided on the latter just because I've had better food experiences there.

Nasi lemak

Sambal udang

Beef rendang

Kerry lovin' her first taste of Malaysian food!

I then introduced her to one of my 'Asian' obsessions - bubbletea! I tried the Rose milk tea this time round which was tasty.

London is getting more packed with tourists - one more day to the London Olympics!
Shame I'm working a shitty late shift tomorrow...bummer.

I feel so stuffed but satisfied, and now have to suffer another torturous night roasting in my bedroom which feels like an oven! It used to be a child's playroom so the windows can't be opened, and my landlady still hasn't bought me a fan...

Two more sleeps til the weekend, and escape from this crazy hustle and bustle in the city x

Monday, 23 July 2012


I woke up still feeling rather ill with the flu, guess my body immune system is down at the moment. But that didn't stop me from carrying on with my daily routine!
I dragged my weak body out of bed and got dressed for Bodypump class at gym - just what every sick person needs right?! My next health check is almost due and I'm hoping to score higher than my last one 3 months ago.
My conscience was shaking its head with disapproval...I should have probably stayed in bed, but hey, exercise is good for the immune system! Though probably not during illness...
Vitamin C and a couple of paracetamol and I'm good to go!

Stocked up on my daily food staples - alpro 3-for-3 pounds? YES PLEASE!

And also came back to a nice surprise from the postman - my goodies that I won from Eylure on twitter has finally arrived! 

My outfit today - Aztec print shorts with a staple white top.

It was a good day to be off, out enjoying the sunshine with the rest of the sun worshipers. I went out equipped with my bottle of Innocent juice and box of cherries. 
Lots of bare flesh on show on a lovely summer's day as we all attempt to get a nice sun-kissed glow! 
And also not forgetting some rather unsightly images of cellulite thighs...and stretch-marked boobs?! Oh dear...fashion police!

After some walking around town I settled on a bench at Golden Square to soak in some sunshine whilst I read my book. No, it wasn't Fifty Shades (obviously not in public!) as I have finally finished the trilogy! Like every other lovestory there is a happy ending...thank heavens I've finally finished it, was really getting a bit dull. As Fifty Shades is 'freed' in the final novel, so am I now! 

My lovely landlady has also arrived home today from Zanzibar and got some cute gifts for me :)

Ok, 10pm - think it's bedtime now for the sick blogger!

It's a sunny week ahead, got your shorts and shades out - it's not going to last forever ;)


Sunday, 22 July 2012


So I haven't been posting very often lately, I guess bloggers have their 'blogger's block' moments!
Anyway, I had to work on a Saturday morning again, which shall hopefully be the last of it as I have requested to stick to my 4-day work shifts.

River Festival 2012

Had a little wander round the Bedford River Festival, held at the Victorian Embankment, Promenade, the River Great Ouse and in Russell Park - a combination of the carnival, the musical, and the nautical. 
The weather has been good this weekend, it looks like summer has finally arrived in the UK!

Then was treated to a lovely homemade paella for dinner mmm...

Someone forgot the lemons lol x

And English breakfast in the morning!

Mystery hands at work ;)

The little chef is still on vacation...

I am now sitting on my bed feeling rather drained as I feel a flu coming on - the pharmacist in me is trying everything possible to ward off this evil bug, time to double/triple-up on vitamin C! Downing a whole carton of tropicana orange juice (with bits!)...
I REFUSE to give in to sickness!

My trusted emergency life-saver!

I've also made a pledge to myself to get back into my active lifestyle - dancing, music, and maybe self-taught language(s) lessons...
Can't wait to get my passport back so I can jet off somewhere!
I've realized that my 2012 year has been rather unproductive with the moving and everything. And I have yet to find the ladder to get my violin down from the top of my 8 foot (9?) wardrobe!

My mind is rather unfocused and I am starting to ramble on now...I'll hopefully be back with another post tomorrow on my day-off!

Enjoy your last hours of the weekend before Monday returns!