Thursday, 31 May 2012


One of the great things about coming back home is being able to see my lovely dogs!

Evan - a stray puppy that me and dad found outside a temple 10-ish years ago

Ethan - daddy found him as a stray puppy (2-ish years ago) crying for help in a drain, so we adopted him!

The simple life

Just slipped on my brother's enormous shoes - because I couldn't find any slippers (!)

All 3 dogs that I have were strays that we adopted off the streets, not those fancy pedigree ones. I did have a schnauzer before but he passed away a couple of years ago. But every dog is unique as just as lovable as the rest.
I would love to get an Akita or husky someday...or a St. Bernard!

Here's more doggy love in the rest of the family.




You can probably tell I'm not much of a cat person.

Can't wait until I get a place of my own - if anyone's having trouble with ideas for gifts, a puppy is at the top of my wishlist!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Another day of pampering!
Went for a manicure and pedicure with my cousin today at Nails Hansen at Gurney Plaza, the place where I had my first many years ago! Mainly because of it's convenient location and reliable service.

Clare's contrasting nail colours!

Drying off my nails!

My wriggly pink toenails

Clare's orange toenails!

Very pleased with my purple and pink nails

I have really icky feet - one of the parts of my body that gets the least attention and are constantly deprived! You could tell that the lady was working hard scrubbing, filing and clipping away! I was a bit conscious about my toes that looked like it had been savaged after I randomly clipped away the hard bits.
My toes actually look pretty decent now, wonder how long this will last...
We both went for contrasting colours - bright toenails and darker fingernails. One of the assistants was nice enough to help us put on our sandals after we were done. 
RM85.00 per person - definitely a bargain compared to UK prices!

Always remember to go to a reputable place with good personal hygiene - aunty shared on of her 'horror' stories of her horrid experience with a fungal nail infection resulting in her getting her nail(s) removed (!)
Worst case scenario obviously...just so you people out there are aware ;)

We then rushed for our massage appointment - a 2 hour Balinese massage. Stripped down and wearing nothing but a disposable (see-through) thong - certainly not something for those who are overly body conscious.
The lady who did mine was really working her elbows into me - a bit TOO much at times I think! I tried taking deep breaths hoping that it would ease the pain, probably squirmed around a bit as well. The bed was creaking under the pressure as she climbed on top to reach certain angles, I'm glad she didn't end up walking on me (!)
I also had this annoying urge to go to the toilet halfway through the massage - the tummy rubbing didn't really help!

Me and my cousin felt a bit sore after the massage - these women really have arms of steel.
I'll probably tell them to lighten the pressure a little next time.

That's another 2 things ticked off my to-do list x


My visits back to Malaysia always involve my annual visit to Dermalogica (AsterSpring branch) for a proper professional facial - getting rid of all the impurities that have accumulated over the year (!)
Well this is actually my second visit back home this year...not that I'm complaining.

My facial package was purchased earlier in January/February which entitled me to 50% birthday voucher - my birthday was back in March but I could still use it within a few months after.

I had the same as before - the Skin Rejuvenating facial, with Jezzslynn who did my last facial. I find that the couple of facials that I have had back in UK were not quite as thorough as back home - e.g. here they actually 'clean' out your pores and squeeze out all those icky blackheads.
The facial packages that I have had at AsterSpring usually involve targeted facials suited to my needs as well as some head, shoulder and recently calf massages.
I'm quite satisfied sticking to my current package because it suits the needs of my sensitive skin - I particularly enjoy the oatmeal mask that leaves my face refreshed and hydrated afterwards.


The whole treatment consisted of so many steps I've actually lost count and just relaxed and left my face in the hands of the pro.
I tend not to take on any add-on treatments that they offer - don't really see the need for it, plus it costs extra money!

One of the things they usually comment on about my skin is my freckles - I thought they were cute but apparently to the facial gurus it's a bad thing because it's the start of PIGMENTATION *the sound of deathly music plays in the background*

Miss freckle face

I've developed my freckles from years of camping as a Girl Guide and outdoor activities. I also dislike putting on sunblock...which I'll have to start using now to protect my skin.
Good facial products are one of the things that I believe in investing a bit more money in. I have been a loyal Dermalogica product user for quite a few years now - my latest additions to my daily routine after this appointment include the Pre-cleanser and Total Eye Care.
I'm hoping they are going to produce some noticeable results!

about us

Always remember to Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise!

And all those little extra bits in between x

Monday, 28 May 2012


Shorts: Forever21 / Top: Zara / Accessories: Forever21 & Aldo

I've finally got the chance to wear my shorts and skirts in this super hot humid weather! Recently got these pair of shorts, particularly because I love bow/ribbon details and blues in general. They go so well with my numerous white tops.

I'm constantly sweating it's a bit hard to look 'glamourous' in this heat, which is not really doing much for my already frizzy hair!

I am determined to get a healthy tan before I head back to UK!


Sunday, 27 May 2012


And I've only been back 2 days!

It's been a busy weekend with my brother's wedding dinner in KL, haven't really had time to post much and am still waiting for some pictures taken on the night to post soon! 
Quite pleased with my outfit that I put together, hopefully the one next weekend will look just as good x

My 'diet plan' has once again failed, everytime I touch down in Malaysia most of my time usually involves stuffing myself silly with all the delicious food!

A glimpse of lunch...

Mango salad

Caesar salad

Suckling pig mmm...

Delifrance Bistro @ 1 Utama, Kuala Lumpur

And in case you were wondering no I did not eat that all by myself! But I did feel very stuffed afterwards...and did I mention I also indulged in more food during dinner time...

I'm not stepping on the scales anytime soon...


I'm going to be one chubby bridesmaid. 

Anyway I will be posting some more fashion related posts soon x

Friday, 25 May 2012


Hello again hot humid weather! 

After a long exhausting journey I am finally in the comfort of my (borrowed) PJs munching on a chunky KitKat. Yes it's almost 11pm but I'm too tired to bother about the evil calories - the sweet tooth prevails.

My flight was a bit delayed in Dubai, hence the delayed arrival in Kuala Lumpur. I had the satisfaction of spreading across two seats on the flight from London to Dubai. The flight from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur was packed carrying passengers travelling to KL and Melbourne and I had to squeeze into one seat this time. Not forgetting my awkward moment when I dozed off and woke up staring straight into the eyes of the Australian guy sitting next to me! Not sure how long I was in that position but I embarrassingly apologized to him and tried to stay alert and avoided eye contact for most of the journey! 

I also almost forgot to take my travel sickness meds - Traveleeze has been my lifesaver for the past few years since I started! With time to spare whilst waiting at the airport, I managed to do some last minute gift shopping for the family, I'm sure mum would be pleased. 

This is probably one of the rare occasions that I won't be posting any photos - not quite in the best state with my tired eyes and aching body. 

My brother's first round of wedding dinners is tomorrow so I'm hoping my energy (and beauty!) shall be restored after a good night's sleep! I'm pretty excited about wearing my new outfit tomorrow - my lack of photos today shall be made up tomorrow!

Off to bed x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I received an email a couple of days ago informing me that I had received a free ticket to this event -  one of the many online competitions that I submitted, something is better than nothing!

The event was to promote the Millennium Promise Collection. Had a couple of cocktails, some canapes, and had to wait 1.5 hours for the raffle draw - the prize was a red bag worth 300 pounds and a 200 pound voucher, who wouldn't take the chance!

A nice chilled evening, would have been nice if I had won though! It was some guy who won - his lucky wife must be overjoyed. My entry was probably buried under the pile...oh well.

Some good did come out of the evening though - I met a couple of lovely ladies, Mei & Janice. AND who would possibly leave without a goody bag - got a Marie Claire magazine, a Tommy Hilfiger red belt, a bracelet and a reusable shopping bag (?!).

I'm flying home tomorrow, and my luggage is only half packed! Yes, very disorganized these days, then again spontaneity is good isn't it? 

I'll probably be in Malaysia when you hear from me in my next post. For those in the UK hope you all enjoy the warm summer sun which has finally arrived!
I'll be heading to much hotter climate but I do hope the weather is still good when I am back.

SO hot and exhausted right now after having to take a zig-zag route finding my way home - Jubilee line suspended grrr. Time to get re-energized for a long flight tomorrow!

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I'm really into stripes this sunny season. I've paired a simple top from H&M with my Zara trousers and bag, and my GEOX shoes.

Flying in 2 days!

Much love xoxo

Sunday, 20 May 2012


It's mid-May but it looks like summer is going to be arriving 'fashionably late' this year!
The weather is still quite chilly so I always have my tights and boots ready at hand.

Top & Blazer: Topshop / Skirt & Bag: Zara / Boots: Carvela by Kurt Geiger / Belt: ASOS

We had a light lunch at Hakkasan Hanway Place, the original restaurant that opened in 2001 in London. It was awarded a Michelin star in 2003, retained to this day - reflected by the quality of the food (and not to mention the prices!)

The place was quite dark with each table lit by an individual overhead hanging lamp, hence I had to enhance some of the lighting in my pictures!
A nice place to have a romantic meal maybe?? Mmm...
Oh, and the black sesame balls are to die for (!) I think I'll have 2 servings next time x 
I'll want to try some of the signature wines and cocktails on my next visit.
They have some set menus available as well as a la carte.
Service was prompt and efficient, food was exquisite - would definitely recommend.

Had my third serving of pancakes in 2 weeks (yipes!), tried out Cafe Creperie. This time not as satisfying hence I shall omit posting the disappointing photo.

I've completed my accessory shopping for my brother's wedding now (finally!) 4 days til I fly home for a holiday! Really chuffed about my bargain buys :)
I'll keep everyone posted on my outfits and adventures back in my homeland Malaysia!

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