Tuesday, 25 December 2012


It's Christmas day!
Been spending the whole day chilling out - eating, drinking, watching movies. Absolute bliss.
After opening our presents in the morning, we had a bit of a late breakfast - bagels with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. It's sort of become our traditional breakfast nowadays.

Had a short Skype video session with my parents back home in Malaysia and then we began our Christmas meal preparation!
Here's the amazing home-cooked meal we had:

Starter: Chilli prawns
Wine and gravy
Roast duck, roast vegetables and potatoes, and brussel sprouts
Chocolate cake

I've also been spending time browsing the amazing sales that have started online, a great way to bag some bargains before the Boxing Day madness tomorrow! 

Later in the evening, we went for a relaxing walk in the park to get some fresh air and walk off some calories.
And then came home to eat more!

Cheese platter and port

Christmas is the time for stuffing ourselves silly right?

Almost time to head to bed and re-energize for tomorrow!
Sleep well, it's going to be BUSY tomorrow!

Merry Christmas everyone!


Sunday, 23 December 2012


It's always a special day when I get to spend it with my special person.
Met up with Wai Kit and accompanied him to try on a suit at Moss Bros. 
Doesn't he look so smart and all grown-up x


As always we never can decide on where to eat so we ended up at Ping Pong along Great Malborough Street, as it looked pretty cute - good enough reason to step inside isn't it?
Judging from the menu it appeared to be another one of those modernized dim sum places.
 When trying to choose a drink my eyes automatically locked on the Lychee & Rose martini - I love anything with lychee.
Look at that baby...

We both ordered a set meal from the festive menu each, priced at £25.00pp.
The list seemed more extensive when we placed our orders, but the portions appeared much smaller than we expected when served.

Prawn crackers
Steamed dumplings, 'char siu pao' and sticky rice
Puff pastries and fried rolls
Mango cake and mochi

The Little Boy
The Little Girl

Presentation-wise pretty average, but the food was quite tasty. Though not a place I would normally frequent for dim sum at those prices.
But as long as I had good company I'm happy - and I did love my martini x

We then headed to grab some bubbletea at Chatime - kamquat green tea mmm...
Whilst waiting for our drinks we also observed some rather pretentious Asians placing their orders after us.
I tried to stifle my giggles as I watched WK roll his eyes.

Kitkit's first Chatime!

After a long day of walking around London we had to go our separate ways again.
One more(-ish) day until Christmas and I still haven't wrapped the presents - drats! Oh well, there's still tomorrow!

Thank you little boy for another lovely day out. I miss you already.

ps: Don't forget that list!

And here's my little random photo of the day...

Cute isn't it? :)

Hope everyone is in that happy festive mood!


So today (okay, well, actually yesterday since it's past midnight now) I met up with Lili for lunch. We tried out Kua 'Aina, a Hawaiian burger and sandwich grill place - yep, a REAL Hawaiian restaurant, brother to the original Kua ‘Aina that has been serving surfers and tourists on Hawaii’s North Shore since 1975. 
 It's apparently the place that President Obama heads to when he’s at home in Hawaii - it MUST be good then!

There was a queue when we arrived but we got seated immediately as there was fortunately a table for two available - score!
We sat downstairs which was packed with people tucking into their food. I loved the chilled-out atmosphere - wooden floorboards, bamboo ceiling, tropical ceiling fans.

I ordered the Pineapple Burger whilst Lili had the Teriyaki sandwich. We also ordered a small portion of sweet potato fries to share and some orange juice. I LOVE sweet potato fries, I'd choose them over the normal potato fries any day. 

Lili with her belated birthday card from me! x
Too bright!
You sexy thing x


Both our meals came with a stick of raw carrot - I'm not really a fan of it but I munched on it anyway whilst having my juicy succulent burger. Takes a bit of guilt out of my very high-calorie indulgent meal!

We then headed off to Wendy's for a pre-Christmas dinner. Lovely home-cooked food by Martin and Wendy, especially loved the leg of lamb!


Also played 'Cars' Monopoly for kids, and I won twice ha! Despite all the dodgy dealings happening in between!
I think I may be ready for the real thing.  

And to end the night, a group photo!


Okay, my brain is shutting down now.

Good night people x

Sunday, 16 December 2012


After a whole morning of doing laundry and Skype-ing with the parents, I headed out into town to meet my cousin, Clare.

We stopped by the Real Food Market at Southbank Centre where I had my first taste of strudel - Clare had a pumpkin and soft cheese strudel whilst I had the spinach and feta.

Had a wander along the river where all the Christmas market stalls were lined up, with loads of Santacons hanging about in their bright red costumes.

Who's the real santa??

I also had my first taste of mulled cider mmm...this is definitely going to be on my to-drink list this season.

As we had time to kill before dinner, we thought it would be the perfect time to indulge in some ice cream at The Parlour Restaurant, Fortnum & Mason. We'd fortunately just missed the rush hour and managed to get seated at a table - strange how there are more people eating ice cream there during winter than in the summer!

The entire menu looked really tempting but we eventually decided to share an ice cream sundae and a sorbet flight:

Dusty Road
Amedei® Chocolate, Chocolate Macadamia Nut Biscuit and Sandringham® Coffee ice creams coated in toffee sauce and decorated with amaretti, flaked chocolate and whipped cream

Our sorbet flight selection
Bellini Classico Sorbet, Gin & Tonic Sorbet, Blood Orange Sorbet

We then did some window shopping to 'burn off' the calories - there's sales everywhere but I'm trying to resist as the best is yet to come!

And to finish off our foodie day, we ended up at Mildreds - a vegetarian restaurant in Soho. The place was packed but they managed to squeeze us in at the corner. There was hardly a foot separating each table, we had to shuffle our table about a couple of times for other customers to be seated - talk about maximizing the use of space!

Anyway, I had the most amazing risotto cake - well I say the 'most' amazing even though it's my first time having risotto cake. I love risotto, and having it battered and deep-fried just made it even tastier - nice and crisp on the outside and smooth and creamy on the inside.
I actually saw a dish ordered by a lady sitting the window, and thought to myself 'wow, that looks good'. So I took a lucky guess from the menu and got it right!

Sunblushed tomato, mozzarella and basil risotto cake served with wilted spinach, green beans and grape mustard cream sauce

So good, but so filling as well!
I think I would probably visit this place again sometime.

And no day out would be complete without a photo together.
This isn't the most flattering photo of us, with our wind-blown hair and food-stuffed faces, but there you go!


Next time take photo at the beginning of day before stuffing ourselves silly with food.


Saturday, 15 December 2012


It's finally the weekend again!
Back from another long evening shift at work...

My blogging is still a bit erratic, but let's just have a little summary.

Wednesday 12th December 2012:


A special day for some, whilst just another day for others.
Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I of course had the perfect scene set in my mind...
And then reality hit me.

Oh well, a girl can only dream.

I do hope better days are coming...

So let's skip to some things that have cheered me up this week.

I received my first Christmas card this year from my beloved parents back home in Malaysia!
Daddy was also so thoughtful and recorded a DVD wishing us Merry Christmas and made a video playlist of his awesome singing!
I think I may have inherited his genes haha - sometimes it's the sweet little efforts you make that make all the difference in life.

Love from Penang, Malaysia x

My night-time entertainment for tonight
And my second Christmas card that arrived is from none other than...  

HARPREET(O)! - the best-est friend that I've known since primary school.

We both live in London, just in different parts of the world - UK and Canada.
Love from UK to Canada should hopefully arrive soon at her doorstep!

Penguins...PENGUINS! :D

Words that melt the heart x

 Cards filled with loving words...only the closest people in my life would ever do that for me.

Hmm, I'm still waiting for a card from Big bro...let me ring him!

And I've just realized that it's past midnight now. 

Oh, but before I sign off, I thought I'd share my little random find of the day:

I found an odd small paper clip whilst at work...and it made me smile :)

Yes, sometimes I am so easy to please.

And don't forget people...

Lots of love

Sunday, 9 December 2012


2 weeks MIA...the longest time so far that the blogger in me has taken a break.

I was really looking forward to December and my countdown to Christmas...but so far it's been a rocky start.

I'm just going through a slight dip at the moment which is why I haven't been blogging as I want to keep this space for happy moments. 
For now I am tending to some emotional wounds (my physical wound from ice-skating has now closed up and I'm hoping the scar will fade away soon), and I am thankful to have some pretty amazing girlfriends to lean on. 

Though I feel broken inside, this little bunny is going to keep smiling... x

Photo from December 2011, photographer Nelson Kan :)

"Happy girls are the prettiest." #audrey #hepburn #happy #girl #pretty #prettiest #poster #quote #saying #self #esteem

Good things come to those who wait...

I'll be back in action soon x

Monday, 26 November 2012


So I started off the weekend on a happy note - meeting up with my girl, Stacey, on Saturday for lunch despite the awful weather outside. 
We tried out New World in Chinatown after hearing that they do the dim sum trolleys (I love dim sum trolleys!). It wasn't as busy inside as we had expected it to be on a weekend, and we were promptly seated upstairs. Trolleys started coming by and we selected a few of our favourite picks. 

I'm not going to post any photos of the meal because...they were just not worthy enough to be mentioned. And once I start my rant it could go on and on and on...
(I've already ranted away about it on my TripAdvisor review haha)

But the main point is...I would advise to AVOID this place because it's one of the worst dim sum meals I've ever had. And believe me, being Asian, I've tried A LOT of dim sum, inside and outside of UK.

It was Traffic Free Shopping Day as well on Saturday, but the rain didn't really do it for me - it was bad enough already trying to dodge all this clumsy tourists with their umbrellas!
I did grab myself a red Amex balloon though (yes, I still feel like a kid inside), which I painstakingly held on to throughout the walk...only to accidentally pop it when I finally got home (Doh!)

Overall, still a lovely day whenever I get to meet up with girlfriends x

Fast-forwarding to Sunday...

It started off as a good day - sunshine, man in hand and the kid inside me bouncing with excitement.
We had breakfast at The Riding House Cafe - both of us ordered the chorizo hash browns (which were abso-bloody-lutely scrumptious! - sorry having a bit of a Sex and the City moment!), and fresh orange juice.

Happy tummies = Happy smiles

We then headed off to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, which was when everything went downhill...

We'd both never done ice-skating before and thought it would be a good idea to give it a go. Collected a pair of skates - damp, smelly and awkward to wear...a little voice inside me (not the schizophrenic 'I hear voices' creepy sort of thing!) started to tell me this wasn't a good idea.

Not used to standing on ice, my legs sort of froze and I held onto the railings as I clumsily tried to gain some stability. 
Mike who seemed to pick it up pretty quickly came to my rescue and held my hand whilst I anxiously attempted to skate round. 
All seemed to be going well (with constant moments of me squealing - of excitement or panic, I can't really be sure now), until we both lost balance...and fell down.
I don't really know how Mike landed, but I fell HARD...straight down on my chin!
Probably because I was holding his hand and I didn't have anything to break my fall.

I had a moment of panic as I checked that my teeth were still intact (yes, I actually SWORE as well...which was very unlikely for me to do).
I really felt like crying hard but didn't want to cause a scene seeing that I am in my mid-twenties!
I was in a bit of shock that I didn't realise how much blood was splattering down my white jumper.
After being escorted to the First Aid room and cleaned up, I was told I had a deep gash on my chin which may need some stitches.
We took a taxi to St Mary's A&E where they examined my injury. 

Me attempting to smile when I really wanted to cry like a big baby teehee x

A bit of confusion as I was seen by two different persons who had different ideas on how to fix me up.
The doctor initially wanted to close it up with 2 stitches, but in the end the nurse decided that gluing it up would be better since it was my face and there would be less scarring. 
Phew - hearing the word stitches made me really uncomfortable as I really HATE needles!

After almost 2 hours, we finally got out.

So at the moment I've got a red scar-line with 5 awkward-looking steristrips on my chin - not very flattering, but it'll hopefully heal in a couple of weeks.
The jaw sort of aches a bit when I chew (or yawn) so I'll be sticking to soft food for now - I'm really craving some proper congee right now.

I was feeling pretty down yesterday - not because I had an inch-long gash on my (almost flawless) skin (okay, maybe a bit - I can be so vain sometimes), but I cringed at the thought of worse outcomes that could have happened:

1. Injurying my wrist/hand

Which would mean I wouldn't be able to play the flute or the piano, draw, and just general everyday things.

2. Injurying my ankle/leg

Meaning I wouldn't be able to dance or keep active

3. Falling on my head

I would have blacked-out and probably be bed-ridden for a while...

They should probably put gruesome injury photos outside the ice-rink - I bet that would really put some people off ice-skating haha.
I guess I over-estimated my balancing abilities, having seen all smiley faces of people ice-skating.
My advice to first-timers on the ice...if you are injury-prone, this sport is not for you.

I was apparently the 5th injury case from the dreaded ice-rink since it opened on Friday...some of the earlier ones sounded not-so-lucky with broken bones... 

I texted Mum back in Malaysia before I went to bed, which is never a good time - because late-night calls (or early-morning calls for them) always doesn't bring good news!
We chatted on Skype for a bit - mum giving the concerned-mum talk, whilst dad tried comforting me with his tales of broken bones in his Jujitsu days... -  thanks Dad :)
I love how we can appear as matured grown-ups in public and still be the little princesses in our parent's eyes. 

Sarah said that my jaw looked a bit swollen this morning - not too sure if it's because of the injury or that I'm just getting chubby...
Let's just blame it on the injury for now!

I'm now contemplating if I should awkwardly attempt to wash my own hair and avoid wetting my wound, or pop into the hairdresser's to get pampered hmm...

Anyway, hope everyone else had a much better weekend.

Happy Monday people x

Monday, 19 November 2012


1. I walk

Distance approximately 2.5 miles

Today I decided to walk instead of taking the underground, because walking helps to clear my head...and I needed the exercise anyway.

2. I eat 

Particularly sweet things - today I devoured half a tub of japanese black sesame ice cream. 

3. I look at food

Or rather pictures of food...

That I have eaten during the weekend... 

Crab linguini @ Montpeliano
Beef bibimbap @ Assa
Crepe Complet @ Cote Brasserie

As well as food that I plan to eat in the near future...

5. I watch random TV

Like 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'...



6. I browse YouTube

And found this cute short clip...

And I feel a little better...

Good night x